Practice change resources

What you need to do when you have a change in your practice

The information below will help you understand what steps need to be taken when you have changes within your practice. The documents needed to process the updates should be sent to provider relations via fax at 303-741-2230 or via email to, Attention: Records.

Your practice is adding a provider who has not been credentialed with Delta Dental of Colorado.

  • Go to Join our Network and scroll down to Enroll Now and follow the steps.

  • Credentialing is done every three years.

You want to verify a provider's credentialing dates.

  • Go to the login page for your provider account at and sign in.

  • In the upper right corner, click on the dropdown menu to the right of your name and select My Profile.

  • Click on View Facility Report.

This report will provide the credentialing dates for all providers in your office. If you have questions, call 303-889-8677 or contact your provider relations representative.

You are a credentialed provider, and you are moving to or adding an additional location (the practice is not moving, just the provider).

  • Verify that your credentialing is current.

    • If it is not current, go to the You need to re-credential section below.

    • If it is current, provide the requested items listed below:

      • Provider name

      • Provider license number

      • Name of new practice

      • Address of new practice

      • Payment address (if different from location address)

      • Phone number of new practice/location

      • Tax ID of new practice

      • Effective date of change

      • Tax ID(s) of location(s) to disassociate from (if applicable)

You need to recredential.

Delta Dental of Colorado is partnering with DDS Enroll (DentalXChange) to allow credentialing to be done online. Please go to DDS Enroll for instructions. Questions on recredentialing can be directed to DentalXChange at 1-800-576-6412, ext. 471.

You are a credentialed provider, and your practice is moving to a new location.

Simply fill out a change of address form.

You sold a practice.

If you recently sold a practice, please submit the following information to

  • Name of practice

  • Tax ID of practice to deactivate

  • Effective date


You bought a practice or are adding an additional location.

If you recently puchased a practice or are adding an additional location, please submit the following information to

  • Prior name of practice and its tax ID number

  • New name of practice or new location

  • Substitute W-9 form


Orthodontic Offices Only: You changed your tax ID number.

If you recently changed your tax ID for any reason, please contact your provider relations representative for further instructions and to receive the processing spreadsheet.

Important Note: If you have patients who are members with Delta Dental member companies in states other than Colorado, please contact that state's Delta Dental member company for their procedures, which may vary from Delta Dental of Colorado's.

You need to terminate a provider from your practice.

Please contact your provider relations representative. If you are not sure who your representative is, consult this map.

You are changing bank information that will affect your Direct Deposit (EFT).

You need to submit a new EFT form and a voided check from your new bank account to

You need information on the National Provider Identification (NPI) number.

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) was adopted and became effective May 23, 2007, as the standard unique health identifier for health care providers to carry out a requirement in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) for the adoption of such a standard. You must have an individual NPI for each provider and you can also have an NPI for your business.


You need to create a provider login to access the Delta Dental of Colorado website.

You will need a username and password if you are a new Delta Dental of Colorado provider or if you have recently changed your tax ID. Our system is user-friendly, but if you need assistance, please call 303-889-8677 or contact your provider relations representative.

TIP: Preferred browser is Google Chrome.

  • Go to the provider login page either from the dropdown on the top right of the website or from the provider landing page.

  • Click on Create an account.

  • Select "I am either a Dentist or am associated with a Dentist."

  • Complete the information the webpage requests.

    TIP: Do not include a dash in the tax ID. Only include the numbers of the provider license in the license ID box. (e.g., if the license number is CO000012345, please enter 12345 in the license ID box.)

  • Once all of your information is entered, select Register User at the bottom of the page.

  • Select a username and password.

    TIP: Your username must be original. Your password must be at least 7 characters and include an uppercase, lowercase, and a number.

  • Your provider login is complete. If the system asks you for an authorization code, please call 303-889-8677 or contact your provider relations representative for assistance. Your username and password will work for both and

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