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Delta Dental of Colorado currently 1.5 million members with a 96% retention rate. We cover more than 6,500 employer groups, thousands of people who purchase dental benefits individually, and adults and children with embedded plans through our medical partners. Become a participating Delta Dental provider and find out what nine out of 10 dentists in Colorado already know: Delta Dental is good for you and good for your patients.

Did you know that more employers and patients are choosing Delta Dental over any other network? Learn why and enroll today.

The steps below will help you join one of our Delta Dental networks. All licensed dentists in Colorado are eligible to join any of the network options below. The credentialing process is done online at DDS Enroll in order to make it easier to complete and easier when you need to re-credential in the future.

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Don't participate with us yet?

Join the largest network in the country by participating with Delta Dental. It's fast and easy! The streamlined process is completed online at DDS Enroll, which makes it easier to complete and to re-credential in the future. DDS Enroll offers a turnkey experience with:

  • Credentialing & provider network enrollment for new providers

  • Re-credentialing for current network providers

  • Electronic signature capability — no mailing needed

  • Management of additional documents

  • Electronic delivery of application forms & additional documentation

  • Easier provider data management for re-credentialing

For more help, contact the DentalXChange Credentialing Team at 1-800-576-6412, ext. 471.

Delta Dental of Colorado complies with all applicable state and federal credentialing requirements.

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Already participate in Delta Dental Premier®?

If you already participate in Delta Dental Premier, simply complete the PPO Participating Provider Agreement and email it to

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Delta Dental PPO™

Delta Dental PPO is our preferred provider organization and is quickly becoming the network of choice among employers and patients. 

We have more than 1.1 million members in PPO plans. And our data show the percentage of people going to PPO providers is increasing while the percentage seeing Premier® and non-participating providers is decreasing. More and more, people’s choice of providers is influenced by where they can save the most money and maximize their benefit dollars. That being said, high-quality dentistry and PPO networks are not mutually exclusive. Our PPO providers have found that providing quality service and a great patient experience is a great formula for success.

As a Delta Dental PPO provider, you:

  • Help your patients’ dental benefits go further.
  • Can focus more on patient care.
  • Increase the value of your practice.
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Ready to enroll? Let's get started.

Step 1: Collect the necessary information

Please have documents and/or information like a copy of your Colorado Dental License, D.E.A. registration, malpractice insurance declaration page, National Provider Identifer, etc. ready to upload. DDS Enroll will list all the information you will need.

Step 2: Choose a network

You can choose to participate in our Delta Dental PPO™ or Delta Dental Premier® network. Learn why more groups and individuals than ever are choosing PPO plans. And remember, licensed hygienists in the state of Colorado who are not working under the employment of a dentist are eilligible to join our network.

Step 3: Submit all required information online

If you have any questions or need help with this new credentialing process, please contact DDS Enroll at 1-800-576-6412, ext. 471, or If you have questions about your credentialing status, please refer to DDS Enroll or contact Delta Dental of Colorado’s credentialing team at 720-489-4704 or