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Getting started with Delta Dental

How many employees are necessary for enrollment?

Delta Dental of Colorado offers dental coverage for businesses with two or more enrolled employees. Learn more about our products and services to find the benefit and payment options that best suit your company.

When will my group be effective?

In most cases, your group will be effective on the first of the month following the receipt of your completed group application materials and employee enrollment.

How do we order supplies?

You can print important forms and brochures online or request supplies by contacting your account manager.

Benefits and Employee Enrollment

Can I change my group’s waiting period?

Any changes to benefits or eligibility can be made on the renewal date of your group plan. The request will need to be made in writing by the group administrator and submitted to your Delta Dental of Colorado account manager.

How do I confirm that an employee is eligible for coverage?

Simply log on to our secure employer portal to check employee eligibility.

How do I add a new employee to my account?

Add a new employee quickly and easily from the Dashboard of your secure employer account, or by clicking Employees and then clicking the Enroll New Employee button.

Can my employee add a family member to their dental coverage at any time?

Dependents can be added to an enrolled subscriber’s policy during your group’s open enrollment period or within 30 days of a qualifying event.

What are considered qualifying events?

Qualifying events include marriage, divorce, birth or legal adoption, death, or loss of coverage.

What will the age limit be for my employee’s dependent children?

Generally, dependent children are eligible for coverage until the end of the month in which they turn age 26. If a different age limit is required, your insurance broker can assist you in selecting an age limit for your group that will meet your needs.

How do I terminate an employee from my account?

Terminate an existing employee quickly and easily by logging in to our secure employer page. Then click Employees, find the employee you wish to terminate, click on their name, and click the Terminate Dental Coverage button. 

How do I change an employee’s address?

Change an employee’s address by logging in to our secure employer portal.

My employee misplaced their ID card. How can they get a replacement?

Subscribers can easily print a replacement ID card by logging in to their secure member portal or by downloading the free Delta Dental mobile app. Employers can also print employee ID cards by logging in to the secure employer portal. Remember, an ID card is not required to visit the dentist. Provider offices can search for member benefits with a member's Social Security number.

Does Delta Dental of Colorado cover out-of-state services for my employees?

Out-of-state services are usually covered for employees. Remember that employees who visit a dentist who participates in the Delta Dental network covered by their plan will pay the least out-of-pocket costs. Please check your plan documents for confirmation.


When should I expect my billing statement to arrive?

Fully-insured accounts:  

Bills are generated and distributed on the 7th business day of the month for the upcoming month’s premiums. The due date for these invoices is the 1st of the month for that month’s coverage. 

Self-funded accounts:

Accounts that fund claims weekly:

The claims invoices are generated and distributed by Tuesday each week except for the last week of the month. The invoices for the last week of the month are generated and distributed on the last business day of the month. These invoices are due upon receipt.

The admin fee is billed on a monthly basis on the last business day of the month for the prior month. These invoices are due on the 15th of the month for the prior month. There are reports that you can access from our website to accompany the invoice.   

Accounts that fund claims monthly:

The claims and admin fee invoices will be run on the last day of the month. You will receive an email with a link to the additional monthly reporting that you can access from our website, which will help you reconcile your bill. These invoices are due on the 15th of the month for the prior month’s coverage.

When is my Delta Dental premium due each month?

Fully insured accounts:

Payments are due the first of the month for that month’s coverage. If your payment is made via draft, we will automatically draft on the first business day of the month of coverage. There is no longer an option to have your payment drafted at any time throughout the month.

Self-funded accounts:


  • Payments are drafted every Wednesday for weekly claims and final claims will be drafted on the first business day of the following month.
  • One exception is the last week of the month we will bill on the last day of the month instead of Tuesday and draft on the first business day of the next month.
  • Monthly administrative fees will be drafted on the 15th of the following month.


  • Payments are drafted on the 15th of the following month for monthly claims and admin fees.

All Groups:

If you are not currently signed up for ACH, you may pay by mail or wire your payment. Please mail payment to the address that appears on your billing statement:

Delta Dental of Colorado
PO Box 912148
Denver, CO 80291-2148

You can now sign up for ACH directly on the secure employer portal by clicking on the Bills tab and Sign up now link under Current Bills.

For questions about your invoice or remittance of payment, you can contact or 303-889-8618.


How do I obtain a copy of my billing statement?

Billing statements can be viewed by logging in to our secure employer portal. You can also contact billing at

How far back can our account be credited for changes/terminations?

Generally, credit can be given within Delta Dental’s six-month (180 days) retroactive rule for all groups.

Can you explain the prior amount due on my bill?

Delta Dental of Colorado produces bills on a set schedule each month. If your payment for the prior month has not been received and posted by the date that your next bill is produced, the prior amounts due will be shown on the last page of your current month’s bill. In addition, if there were members added or changed since your last bill was produced and the changes have not been paid, that amount will also show on the current bill.

I terminated an employee on my last bill, but they are still on my current bill. Why weren’t they terminated?

The employee’s termination may have been processed after Delta Dental of Colorado's billing cutoff date. You can check the status of an employee by logging in to our secure employer portal or by emailing billing at

Who can I call with billing questions?

You can contact your account manager or billing at or by calling 303-889-8618.