Delta Dental of Colorado Enforcement of CHP+ Revalidation Begins June 1: If you have not revalidated (or are not at least in the process of revalidating) with HCPF by June 1, Delta Dental of Colorado will no longer be able to process and pay claims submitted for children covered by CHP+. Claims will be processed and denied as non-participating provider and chargeable to the patient. If you want to continue to see CHP+ patients, you need to revalidate with the state immediately. If you are having difficulty completing the process through the state's website, please contact your Delta Dental of Colorado network management representative as soon as possible, and we will try to assist you.

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We believe that a healthy smile translates into a happy, healthy life, so we want to create and protect healthy smiles for all Coloradans. That’s why everything we do supports our mission of improving the oral health of the communities we serve. It’s a commitment we are proud of. Delta Dental of Colorado understands that our providers are an integral part of fulfilling our mission and doing business.


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