Let's Get Started

The steps below will help you join one of our Delta Dental networks. All licensed dentists in Colorado are eligible to join any of the network options below. The process will now be done online at DDS Enroll in order to make it easier to complete and easier when you need to recredential in the future. The forms that are linked here are all available on the DDS Enroll site. They are just included here for your reference.

Step 1: Choose a Network

Step 2: Collect the Necessary Information, Go to DDS Enroll, and Complete the Enrollment Online

To join Delta Dental’s network(s) as a new dentist, select the provider agreement for the network you wish to join. Premier participation is required to for those who join the PPO network. All of the linked forms below are available on DDS Enroll. Please have the following documents and/or information prepared to upload into DDS Enroll:

  • Applicable Network Participating Dentist Agreement
  • Participating Dentist Agreement Summary Disclosure Form
  • Substitute Form W-9 (This is not a required document, but if you are opening a new business, we need this for your tax ID number.)
  • A copy of your Colorado Dental License
  • A copy of your dental diploma
  • A copy of your D.E.A. registration
  • A copy of your current malpractice insurance declaration page
  • Basic life support certification
  • Specialty certification, if applicable
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) Official Notification

Step 3: Submit all Required Information Online at DDS Enroll

If you have any questions or need help with this new credentialing process, please contact DDS Enroll at:

If you already participate but want to join another network, it’s simple. Just complete the PPO Dentist Agreement or the CHP+ Agreement and fax it to 303-741-2230 or email it to profservices677@ddpco.com. If you have any questions about your participation status, please call Delta Dental of Colorado's credentialing specialist at 720-489-4704 or via email credentialing@ddpco.com.