Cavities Get Around Champions Water Consumption Instead of Juice

The Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation has always been a strong advocate for children's oral health. And combatting misinformation is part of the battle. Many people believe that tooth decay in kids can literally be brushed away. Wrong. While brushing with fluoride toothpaste is essential, it alone won't safeguard a child against tooth decay — the #1 chronic disease of childhood. Nutrition plays a big role in children's oral health. That's why it's important to limit children's sugar consumption — sugar from juice and other sweet drinks and foods causes tooth decay. And it's why we launched the Cavities Get Around campaign in 2014.

The goal is to inspire families to protect their children's baby teeth by limiting juice intake to just mealtimes and giving water at all other times, especially bedtime.

Cavities Get Around has taken on a big goal. Juice is a leading source of sugar in children's diets. Plus, many parents and caregivers think it's healthy, even though in many cases juice can have as much sugar as soda. When children sip on juice all day long and go to bed with it (as many do), their teeth are bathed in sugar. This sugar fuels bacteria that attack the thin enamel of the baby teeth, leading to decay. That's not what we want for children because cavities in baby teeth can spread to adult teeth. Water is always the best option — especially when from the tap.

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