What Does it Mean to be a Champion?

At Delta Dental of Colorado, our mission is to improve the oral health of the communities we serve, so we work to create and protect healthy smiles for all of our members. We like to think of it as being the champion of your smile.

So what does that mean?


  1. someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.
  2. warrior, fighter
  3. a militant advocate or defender

To us, it means that everything we do is above and beyond what an ordinary insurance company would do. It's using our dental insurance expertise to make sure our members are getting the best benefits at the best price. It's providing our members with the best tools to help them understand and use their benefits. It's getting out in the community and handing out smile bags and educating people about how to achieve good oral health. It's supporting underserved populations and their access to oral health through programs and education. It's constantly building our provider network with the highest quality dentists. It's offering the best customer service to help answer questions and give advice. In short, it's four main ideas that we have built our company around:

  • Dental leadership
  • Commitment to a better Colorado
  • A network above the rest
  • Service done right

Dental Leadership

Unlike most carriers, we focus on just one thing — dental insurance. That means that dental comes first; it's not secondary to medical benefits. We have a dental director on staff who is up on the latest clinical developments and is active in state and local dental societies. We have a local provider relations team that personally visits our dentists and keeps them informed about product developments. And we have people at every level of the organization whose job it is to know everything about dental benefits.

Commitment to a Better Colorado

We are a nonprofit on a mission to improve the oral health of the communities we serve. We invest a significant portion of what we earn back into the community. We partner with state agencies and other local nonprofits to improve the oral health of all Coloradans.

A Network Above the Rest

As part of a national association, we adhere to the strictest accuracy standards for our provider networks. That means that when members select a dentist in our network, they will be able to see that dentist. And with 3,200 providers, that's a lot of choice and a lot of savings. 92% of all dentists in Colorado are a part of our Delta Dental PPOSM and Premier® networks.

Service Done Right

It's important to our customers that we keep our operations local. We do that by housing our entire organization — from the call center to sales support — within our Denver Tech Center office. We're here to provide the service you expect when you need it.